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Brightline Solutions™ has set out to create the perfect products for the financial securities industry, aligning research, archiving, programming and design, to offer an unparalleled standard of excellence in the clarity and understanding of how to approach daily tasks. We have created products unlike any ever seen in the industry, and have taken online compliance to a new level.


“Strive for perfection in everything. Take the best idea that exists and make it better. If it doesn't exist, create it” ~Sir Henry Royce

Jane Worthington has over two decades of experience in the areas of research, writing, and product development in the financial services industry. Before founding Brightline Solutions, LLC, Jane was employed at National Regulatory Services (“NRS”) for eighteen years, most recently as Manager of Information Products where she was responsible for tracking regulatory changes for the financial services industry and for product development and enhancement. In that role, Jane was instrumental in creating many of NRS’ research-database products, and in developing NRS’ Certification Program (IACCP) and NRS’ Certification Examination for Investment Adviser Compliance Officers. Jane also worked in the area of research and writing at NSCP, the National Society of Compliance Professionals.

Prior to working in the securities industry, Jane began her computer career with Optimum Resources/Weekly Reader Family Software, developing some of the first educational software for home computers. This software is housed in the permanent archives at Stanford University in California - documenting the microcomputing gaming industry during its formative years.

Headline News

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Brightline Solutions updates IA Act UnwrappedTM on a daily basis. Recent updates are listed below. Click HERE for a more detailed summary of the information.

IA-5358 In the Matter of Marcos Tamayo and Bored at Work Retirement Services, LLC

IA-5357 In the Matter of David R. Gibson

IA-5356 In the Matter of Sigma Planning Corp.

IA-5355 In the Matter of Jay Daniel Seinfeld

IA-5351 In the Matter of Tyler T. Tysdal, et al

IA-5350 In the Matter of Michael A. DeJager

IA-5349 In the Matter of Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated

IA-5348 In the Matter of BMO Capital Markets Corp.

IA-5347 In the Matter of Prudential Financial, Inc.

IA-5346 In the Matter of AST Investment Services, Inc. and PGIM Investments LLC

IA-5344 In the Matter of ED Capital Management and Elliot Daniloff

IA-5343 In the Matter of Mitchell T. Yanow

IA-5342 In the Matter of Daniel T. Levine

IA-5354 In the Matter of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC

IA-5353 In the Matter of Raymond James Financial, Inc.  

IA-5352 In the Matter of Raymond James & Associates, Inc., et al

IA-5345 In the Matter of Garrison Investment Group, LP and Garrison Capital Advisers, LLC

LR-24595 SEC v. Dean Patrick McDermott, McDermott Investment Advisors, LLC, et al

IA-5341 In the Matter of William M. Apostelos

IA-5340 In the Matter of Carol Ann Pedersen

LR-24589 SEC v. Strategic Capital Management, LLC and Michael J. Breton

Form CRS Relationship Summary - Amendments to Form ADV
A Small Entity Compliance Guide

Added to the IA Act UnwrappedTM Examination Tools Database/2019 Information and to the Plain English Description Tab under Regulatory Database Rule 204-5

LR-24586 SEC v. E. Herbert Hafen

Investment Adviser Principal and Agency Cross Trading Compliance Issues
OCIE Risk Alert added to the IA Act UnwrappedTM Examination Tools Database and to Regulatory Database Rule 206(3)-2 Risks Tab

IA-5339 In the Matter of Eric Larson Sampson

IA-5338 In the Matter of Mitchell J. Friedman

IA-5337 In the Matter of Karen McKinley

IA-5336 In the Matter of  Lefavi Wealth Management, Inc.
Added to the IA Act UnwrappedTM Releases Database and linked to the term "best execution" in the Glossary & Definitions Database

IA-5335 In the Matter of Thomas C. Muldoon

IA-5334 In the Matter of Charles Myrick Winstead

LR-24581 SEC  v. Cetera Advisors, LLC

LR-24580 SEC v. Cambridge Capital Group Advisors, LLC, et al

IA-5333 In the Matter of EMS Capital LP

IA-5332 In the Matter of Stephen C. Browere

IA-5331 In the Matter of RSM US LLP (f/k/a McGladrey LLP)

IA-5330 In the Matter of Laurel Wealth Advisors, Inc.

IA-5329 In the Matter of Joseph C. Buchanan

LR-24574 SEC v. Motty Misrahi et al

IA-5328 Regulatory Flexibility Agenda

IA-5327 In the Matter of Patrick L. O’Connor

IA-5326 In the Matter of Yehuda Belsky, AKA "Jay Bell"

IA-5325 Commission Guidance Regarding Proxy Voting Responsibilities of Investment Advisers
Added to the IA Act UnwrappedTM Releases Database and to Interpretive Releases under Regulatory Database Rule 206(4)-6

34-86721 Commission Interpretation and Guidance Regarding the Applicability of the Proxy Rules to Proxy Voting Advice
Exchange Act Release linked to IA Act UnwrappedTM Regulatory Database Rule 206(4)-6 Proxy Voting Description Tab

SEC Clarifies IA’s Proxy Voting Responsibilities and Application of Proxy Rules to Voting Advice 
Information added to the IA Act UnwrappedTM Regulatory Database Rule 206(4)-2 Plain English Description Tab

IA-5324 In the Matter of Financial Sherpa, Inc. and James L. Beyersdorf

IA-5323 In the Matter of Thomas Gillons

Request for amendment to Form ADV, Part 1A, Item 5, Section E
Public Petition for Rulemaking linked to IA Act UnwrappedTM Regulatory Database Rule 204-1 Plain English Description Tab

IA-5322 In the Matter of Christopher D. Dougherty

LR-24563 SEC v. Craig Rumbaugh, Rumbaugh Financial Inc., and Desert Strategic Equity, LLC

IA-5321 In the Matter of Chris Kubiak

IA-5320 In the Matter of Michael J. Frew

IA-5319 In the Matter of MVP Manager LLC

IA-5318 In the Matter of Jeremy Joseph Drake

IA-5317 Notice of Intention to Cancel Registrations of Certain Investment Advisers

IA-5316 In the Matter of Sean Kelly

IA-5315 In the Matter of JDC-JSC LP

IA-5313 In the Matter of Kendall J. Groom, CPA

IA-5314 In the Matter of The Robare Group, Ltd., Mark L. Robare, and Jack L. Jones, Jr.

LR-24550 SEC v. Commonwealth Equity Services, LLC

IA-5312 In the Matter of Jonathan Brosk

IA-5311 In the Matter of Christopher Plaford
LR-24548 SEC v. Christopher Plaford

IA-5310 In the Matter of Timothy M. Rooney, Sr.

IA-5309 In the Matter of John Sherman Jumper

IA-5308 In the Matter of William Harper Minor, Jr.

IA-5307 In the Matter of N. Gary Price

IA-5306 In the Matter of Foundations Asset Management, LLC, Michael W. Shamburger, and Rob E. Wedel

Observations from Examinations of Investment Advisers - Compliance, Supervision, and Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest
OCIE Risk Alert
Added to the IA Act UnwrappedTM Examination Tools Database/2019 Information

IA-5305 In the Matter of Account Management, LLC, Christopher de Roetth and Peter de Rotth

IA-5304 In the Matter of Henry J. Wieniewitz, III

IA-5303 In the Matter of Swapnil Rege

IA-5296 Release Intentionally Omitted by SEC

LR-24539 SEC v. Paul Alar and West Mountain, LLC

IA-5302 In the Matter of Salus, LP et al.

LR-24533 SEC  v. Richard Vu Nguyen, et al.

Staff Statement on Opportunity Zones: Federal and State Securities Laws Considerations  
SEC and NASAA Explain Application of Securities Laws to Opportunity Zone Investments 
Added to the IA Act UnwrappedTM Examination Tools Database/2019 Information