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Brightline Solutions™

Brightline Solutions™ offers a clear, clean, easily-navigable approach to meet daily compliance needs within the financial services industry.

Investment advisers are constantly on the lookout for new solutions to tackle the multitude of challenges, questions and concerns that Compliance Departments face on a daily basis.

Brightline Solutions™ has taken a fresh approach to meet these daily challenges by putting all the pieces of the puzzle together in an easily-navigable format, presenting all the ideas, references, and backup material in one place. As you navigate between rules, releases, guidance, no-action letters, and enforcement cases, along with risks, testing and disclosure requirements – all in one place – a much clearer picture emerges. These puzzle pieces come together to offer you Brightline Solutions™ relational regulatory database - the IA Act Unwrapped™ – which address your daily, weekly, monthly and annual compliance concerns.

The Brightline Solutions™ Approach

A "bright-line rule" is a clearly defined rule or standard, leaving little room for interpretation in an effort to produce predictable and consistent results.

Brightline Solutions™ uses this same predictable, consistent approach as we create the ideal products for the financial services industry. We clearly align research, archiving, data-mapping, programming and design, alongside an unparalleled standard of excellence, to offer products that you can easily use to enhance the clarity and understanding of your daily tasks. We have created products unlike any ever seen in the industry, and have elevated compliance to a new level of sophistication.

Headline News

SEC Adopts Form ADV & Rule Amendments to Enhance Information Reported by IAs

IAs Paying Penalties for Advertising False Performance Claims
F-Squared Fallout Continues

Political Contributions by Certain Investment Advisers: Ban on Third-Party Solicitation
SEC Issues Two Releases - Notices of Intent to Issue Orders

Four Private Equity Fund Advisers Agree to $52.7 Million Settlement
Mislead Investors, Failed to Disclose Fees & Loan Agreement, Failed to Supervise Senior Partner's Personal Expense Charges

Temporary Rule 206(3)-3T Will Expire December 31st
Firms May Request Exemptive Orders


Brightline Solutions updates IA Act UnwrappedTM on a daily basis. Recent updates are listed below. Click HERE for a more detailed summary of the information.

IA-4509 Form ADV and Investment Advisers Act Rules - FINAL RULE
The SEC is adopting amendments to Form ADV that are designed to provide additional information regarding advisers, including information about their separately managed account business, incorporate a method for private fund adviser entities operating a single advisory business to register using a single Form ADV, and make clarifying, technical and other amendments to certain Form ADV items and instructions. The SEC also is adopting amendments to the Advisers Act books and records rule and technical amendments to several Advisers Act rules to remove transition provisions that are no longer necessary.
The amendments become effective 60-days after publication in the Federal Register; IAs must begin complying with the amendments on October 1, 2017.

IA-4514 In the Matter of Douglas F. Drennan

IA-4513 In the Matter of Orinda Asset Management, LLC

IA-4512 Political Contributions by Certain Investment Advisers: Ban on Third-Party Solicitation; Notice of Order with respect to MSRB Rule G-37
IA-4511 Political Contributions by Certain Investment Advisers: Ban on Third-Party Solicitation; Notice of Order with respect to FINRA Rule 2030
Notices added to IA Act UnwrappedTM Regulatory Database Rule 206(4)-5, Pay-to-Play

F-Squared’s Advertisements Circulated by the Respondent Firms Contained Misstatements:
A-4508 In the Matter of AssetMark, Inc. (f/k/a Genworth Financial Wealth Management, Inc.)
IA-4507 In the Matter of Congress Wealth Management, LLC
IA-4506 In the Matter of BB&T Securities, LLC
IA-4505 In the Matter of Constellation Wealth Advisors, LLC
IA-4504 In the Matter of Risk Paradigm Group, LLC
IA-4503 In the Matter of Executive Monetary Management, LLC
IA-4502 In the Matter of J.J.B. Hilliard, W.L. Lyons, LLC
IA-4501 In the Matter of Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management, Inc.
IA-4500 In the Matter of HT Partners, LLC
IA-4499 In the Matter of Banyan Partners, LLC
IA-4498 In the Matter of Prospera Financial Services, Inc.
IA-4497 In the Matter of Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors, LP
IA-4496 In the Matter of Shamrock Asset Management, LLC
Added to the IA Act UnwrappedTM Releases Database and to Regulatory Database Rules 204-2 & 206(4)-1 - Risks/Significant Cases Tab.

IA-4495 In the Matter of Lynn Tilton, Patriarch Partners, LLC, et al

IA-4494 In the Matter of WL Ross & Co., LLC

IA-4493 In the Matter of Apollo Management V, L.P., Apollo Management VI, L.P., Apollo Management VII, L.P. and Apollo Commodities Management, L.P.
Added to the IA Act UnwrappedTM Releases Database and to Risks/Significant Cases under Regulatory Database Rules 206(4)-7 & 206(4)-8

IA-4492 In the Matter of Timbervest, LLC, Joel Barth Shapiro, et al

IA-4491 In the Matter of Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC and Dawn J. Bennett

Staff Letter Regarding Rule 206(3)-3T
Added to the IA Act UnwrappedTM Examination Tools Database - 2016 Information, and to the Plain English Description Tab under Regulatory Database Rule 206(3)-3T

IA-4490 In the Matter of Paul J. Jackson

IA-4489 In the Matter of Michael J. Oppenheim

IA-4488 In the Matter of Anthony Tyrone Jones, Jr.

IA-4487 In the Matter of Edwin K. Chin

IA-4486 In the Matter of J.S. Oliver Capital Management, L.P. and Ian O. Mausner

IA-4484 In the Matter of Tianyu Zhou

IA-4483 In the Matter of Fortius Financial Advisors, LLC, Jeff M. Bollinger, and Gary E. Oliver
Added to the IA Act UnwrappedTM Releases Database and to Risks/Significant Cases under Regulatory Database Rules 206(4)-2 & 206(4)-7

IA-4482 In the Matter of Brian J. Ourand

IA-4481 In the Matter of Stephen Wilshinsky

IA-4480 In the Matter of Ricky T. Meyer

IA-4479 In the Matter of Randall W. McKee

IA-4475 In the Matter of Merle G. Walter

IA-4474 In the Matter of David R. Gray, II

IA-4473 In the Matter of Perry S. Sawano

IA-4472 In the Matter of Alan H. Gold

IA-4471 In the Matter of ZPR Investment Management, Inc., and Max E. Zavanelli

LR-23612 SEC v. Patrick Churchville, et al

IA-4470 In the Matter of Vinayak S. Gowrish

IA-4469 In the Matter of Jeffry C. Eisnaugle

IA-4468 In the Matter of Alison, LLC and Stephen D. Alison

Regulation of Investment Advisers by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission  
Robert E. Plaze, Partner, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, LLP 

Updated version added to the IA Act UnwrappedTM Examination Tools Database/ 2016 Information